How to Post on Thrive Global

You’re a few simple steps away!

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Welcome to Thrive Global! Founded and led by Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global is a health, well-being and productivity company aimed at redefining the way we work and live. Our contributor community is an essential part of Thrive’s mission. Here’s a simple guide to becoming a Thrive Global contributor!

If you are trying to submit a piece this weekend and notice you can’t...

Thank you so much for being an active contributor to the Thrive Global platform! We wanted to let you know that this weekend, starting on Friday night (11/2/18), and through Sunday night (11/4/18), we’ll be making some system upgrades to the community section and you will not be able to submit stories during that time. We apologize for the inconvenience. On Monday, you’ll find a new and improved community section that makes it even easier for you to build and submit your stories, and you can start by resetting your password, which is explained below.

If you don’t already have a Thrive Global account, here’s how you can set one up starting Monday:

1. Go to

2. Click the “Sign Up” button in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Enter your email address and set your password.

3. Before you start sharing your stories, you’ll be prompted to fill in a profile, including your name, a short bio and an optional headshot. Additionally, you can add your Twitter and Instagram usernames, as well as a URL to a personal website, your author page or anywhere else you'd like.

Already have a Thrive Global account, but your password isn’t working?

We made a few improvements to the way you build and submit stories and we think you’ll love the upgrades we made; it’s easier than ever to share your story. But first…


Here’s how to reset your password:

Follow these simple steps:

1. Click on this link to begin the password reset process.

2. Enter your email and click the “Reset Password” button.

3. Check your email inbox. You should see an email from the address [email protected], prompting you to click on a specific link to change your password.

4. Once you click on the “change my password” link within the email, you can reset your password on this page.

Need help? Email us at [email protected].

Here’s how to build a post

Once you’ve logged in with your new password, you can start creating a story!

1. Click on the “Posts” tab within the sidebar on the left side of the screen. 

2. Click on the “Add New” button.

Here’s what you should see:

3. Write a title for your piece, and then write your story. To write a title (headline), click within the “add title” field, then write your story in the “write your story” field below it.

4. Write a dek (aka “excerpt”) for your story. The dek is the sub-headline under the main headline of your story.

For example, this article's headline is "11 Ways to Prioritize and Protect Your Time at Work.” The dek (or “excerpt”) is underlined in red: "Eating the frog first, being ruthless about meetings, ‘managing the monkeys’ — these strategies will help you stay in control of the clock."

To write your dek, click on the “Excerpt” bar on the right side of your screen. (this content management system calls deks “excerpts.”) Then, type it within the box.

5. Upload a featured image for your story.

The featured image is the main image that will appear at the top of your story. Our system will automatically resize photos for desktop and mobile.

The “Featured Image” tab should appear on the right side of your screen. Click on “set featured image” to upload one.

6. If you would like, add any additional images within your piece

To do this, click on the “Add image” icon to the right of the "add your story" field. It's the first one in the row of three icons. The middle icon, "Add Gallery," can be used to add multiple images, and the third one ("Add heading") will allow you to add a subtitle to your image. 

7. Submit your content:

Congratulations! You’ve officially written a piece for Thrive. Now, you’ll need to hit the blue “Publish” button in the upper right corner your screen, under your username.

From there, you should see this message about submitting your story for review.

Click on the blue “Submit for Review” button to do so, and then a Thrive editor will take over from there! You’re all done.

Need help? Email us at [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I’ve submitted my story for review?

After you submit your story, it will be added to our queue and reviewed by our editorial team.

How long will it take for my story to be published?

We try to publish stories as quickly as possible—our average turnaround is between a day and a week.

How long should my story be?

Stories that are between 300 and 800 words generally perform best.

Can I publish stories that I published somewhere else first?


What topics can I write about?

Topics to explore include (but are not limited to): advice, emotional well-being, mental health, mindfulness, wisdom, physical health, intelligence, psychology, gratitude, empathy, productivity, creativity, relationships with technology, mistakes, social media, living better, self reflection, first-person stories, success and failure, life experiments, inspiration, life lessons and workplace policies.

How often can I write?

As often as you like!